Aywa Calling Cards

AYWA Prepaid Calling Cards

AYWA Prepaid Calling Card is an International Direct Dial service which enables customers to make international direct call to all major overseas countries via their home or office fixed lines at competitive rates.
You can get AYWA Prepaid Cards from any of the spread outlets (Groceries, Supermarkets and Shops) and can be used from any phone via the Toll free number for AYWA services (8001110111), whether the zero calls are enabled or not available international calls still can be made from public or private telephone devices.
The service is accessible from any fixed line in the kingdom.

AYWA Cards Features:

  • Competitive international rates.
  • Calls can be made through any fixed line (Anywhere – Anytime).
  • Access the service using Toll free number.
  • Rates are calculated per second.
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