GO Technologies


GO has implemented the latest technologies in its deployed network infrastructure with a resilient and scalable architecture.

GO Networks

WiMax (4th Generation Wireless)

GO’s License is issued based on communication regulation as per the Royal Decree No. (M/12) dated 121422/03/ corresponding to 4th, June, 2001. This license is for 25 years and permits the company to establish, operate and maintain a facilities-based public fixed telecommunications network.


Our MPLS has emerged as an elegant solution to meet the bandwidth-management and service requirements of the next-generation Internet protocol (IP)–based backbone networks. It addresses issues related to scalability and routing (based on QoS and service quality metrics) and backhauls all voice and data services offered by GO. We are present today in almost 13 Regions with 22 Point of Presents (POPs) and increasing to 36 POPs around the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

GO’s ISP is a next generation network capable of handling all types of national & international traffic including internet access, filtering, caching and other Broadband and Multimedia services for both prepaid and post-paid customers.

IP Multimedia Systems (IMS)

GO’s IMS platform is a new generation network featuring Voice, Broadband and Multimedia for both prepaid and post-paid customers, capable of supporting up to 650,000 subscribers.

The solution is fully resilient with the main platform in our Riyadh Data Centre and the redundant hot standby platform in our Jeddah Data Centre. This IMS provides IP based enriched communication services and ensures connectivity with wire line and wireless access. The IMS solution is fully compliant with the industry standard layered IMS architecture.

Terhal (VoIP Cloud Telco Service)

GO’s Terhal service is based on a high capacity Pronto Server, which offers high definition voice over IP to our customers from anywhere in the world. This service offers multimedia services (MMS) encompassing voice, IMS, social networking, music, picture & file storage.

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